Assumptions menu


If it is impossible for Pedipod/LLD to determine the growth, for example if only one assessment has been performed, this menu item will be available. Selecting it will present a window in which you can, if appropriate, make an assumption about the inhibition that will allow Pedipod/LLD to predict future growth.
In some cases it may be possible to make a reasonable estimate of the growth inhibition based on the diagnosis and when the inhibition started. For example, in cases in which the inhibition was present at birth it may be reasonable to assume that the growth inhibition in the short leg is equal to the percentage difference in the absolute lengths of the legs. In fact, this is the default value Pedipod/LLD presents in the dialog box when you select this menu item.
Pedipod/LLD will use whatever estimate you enter for growth inhibition but cannot assess whether or not the estimate is valid or reasonable. For this reason a warning comment will be printed in all reports when the growth inhibition is assumed.

Growth percentile

Cases may arise in which no skeletal age estimate is available. In such cases Pedipod/LLD cannot determine the growth percentile of the child, but allows you to assume, if you wish, that the child is of the mean percentile. In the absence of skeletal age data you have no way of estimating the growth percentile regardless of the apparent maturity or the height of the child. You may, however, prefer to get a rough idea of the future rather than no estimate at all and can do this by assuming that the child is of the mean growth percentile.
Again, Pedipod/LLD will accept your decision, but has no way of assessing whether or not it is reasonable. For this reason a warning comment will be printed in all reports.

Goal of treatment

This menu item allows you to specify the goal of treatment, at least as far as leg lengths are concerned, in case exact equality is not the chosen goal.
Exact leg length equality is not the optimum goal for some patients. Those wearing braces or with weakness may benefit from that leg being somewhat shorter than the other and Pedipod/LLD allows you to use your clinical judgment in specifying either under-correction or over-correction as the treatment goal.

Treatment strategy

Your selection will allow Pedipod/LLD to predict the result at maturity of the treatment you specify here. The prediction will be stated in reports and shown on the straight line graph.

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