File menu

Select patient

This menu item allows you to deal with a specific patient. You will first enter the patientís identification number which will allow Pedipod/LLD to check if the patient already exists in the database.

All patients must be identified by a unique ID number.

Select a patient either by clicking on the patientís name and then clicking the Select button, or by double-clicking on the patientís name. The list window also gives you access to the patient demographics window to add or edit a patientís demographic information.

Owner information

This menu item allows you to enter information about yourself. The information you enter here will be printed at the top of the reports generated by Pedipod/LLD. Since this is a personal copy for your own use your name has already been entered and cannot be altered.

Backup database

This is a menu item not to be missed. Backing up your data is very important. To not do so regularly invites loss of data and potential disaster.

The backup files are named lldback.mdb and lldback.ldb.
This menu item places copies of your database files in two locations. The first copy is placed on your hard disk in the same directory as the program and original database files. These backup copies are convenient to retrieve in case of trouble with the original database files. In addition, a dialog box is presented which allows you to select the location for a second backup copy, possibly on a removable disk. It is a very good idea to keep a backup copy on an external disk so that it will not be lost in the case of a failure of your hard drive.

Print report

This menu item leads you to a dialog box which allows you to select the components you want Pedipod/LLD to include in a printed report. Everything that can be displayed on the screen can be printed in a report

Pedipod/LLD cannot recognize erroneous or inaccurate data.
In preparing the report, Pedipod/LLD will review the data and print warning comments if any deficiencies are discovered which might lead to error or inaccuracy. Warnings are always printed if Pedipod/LLD finds questionable data.

Certain default items are already selected for printing but you can cancel any one of these and add other components as you wish. If you have made other selections and wish to return to the defaults you can do so by clicking the Use defaults button.


Select this menu item when you are finished using Pedipod/LLD.

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